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Team Jess and Russ

Welcome to TeamJR.Org. What is TeamJR you might ask yourself. Well Team JR stands for team Jessica & Russell, hince the picture next to the text. That of Jessica (my lovely girlfriend, my lovely furture wife) and me Russ and some candy cigs I got from my sister for x-mas. We almost make a heart shape XOXO I <3 Jess. So I create this site and I'm going to use my pixel advertising site to riase funds as my beautiful girlfriend will be starting school in the fall and we are going to be very tight on money and I can't really work more then I already am due to my spine and back injury from 2012 that will never go away. So 3% of each months earning go to my company Rutakus and the rest goes to helping us get through this time while my girlfriend cuts back her hours and what not. It will go to bils and gettting my student loans stuff caught up and paid off but alos to help minimize her school debit as you all know schooling is becoming a for profit type of deal which hurts us all. So that way my company has decided to do this even if it is a loss. Because one it will help out my awesome team Team Jess and Russ. Go Team J + R I love this girl and I'm going t6o marry her. BTW you can get to our pixel site by visiting the followling link:

And it say Rutakus Pixels as that is our sponser my business as well.